Tulip - stitch markers

60,00 kr.

These little lockable stitch markers from Tulip are super functional and it doesn't hurt that they're cute to look at 🌸

These cute stitch markers are either tulip or heart shaped. Depending on which variant you choose below, they will either be delivered in assortment in a nice little box with a clear window or in a small letter containing a single color.



More information

Stitch markers are indispensable little tools to help you knit or crochet.

You can use them to mark the end or beginning of a row/round, help you count stitches or even mark an area that needs your attention later.

Thanks to the round design, these stitch markers will not split your yarn when picking up stitches.

If you choose the variant in the small robust box, you can easily fill it up with more, so the small packs can be supplemented.