About Mrs. Krogh

Mrs. Krogh's sense of color

I love colors and I love yarn 🤍

That's the short story about me and my passion, which is also my way of life.

The long answer is that it's an almost lifelong love that has only grown with age. I first tried dyeing yarn in the mid-eighties when I was at boarding school in Copenhagen.

You can read the rest of my story below.

Neutral yarns

My sense of quality could be very low and what I knitted with depended on what cheap yarn was available. I knitted almost entirely according to my imagination and it was everything from lace knits to large almost rya-like creations on very large jumbo needles. My favorite dress in 10th grade was a knee-length acrylic dress in black & bright yellow patterned knit. However, I secretly dreamed of a knee-length dress in many colors knitted in a single lace thread in pure wool. So even back then there was a hint of a desire for "good quality".

I have no recollection of who taught me how to knit, but I think it was in needlework class in elementary school. The first knitting I remember are the mega long scarves my classmates and I knitted on the school bus one winter in the smaller classes.

In my professional life, I have worked in the textile industry for a number of years. I trained as a buyer specializing in textiles and have had some fantastic challenging jobs that have offered a lot of insight, nerdiness and many trips out into the blue. I loved the nerdiness of colors and fibers, but I was acutely aware of the footprint production left - and leaves! I felt very uncomfortable with the productions where it was all about profit, but unfortunately this is a condition that I have to navigate as a self-employed person. I work hard every day to navigate and balance with a strong desire to sell a product that leaves as little impact on our world as possible.

I buy my yarn from ethically responsible retailers who assure me that the animals have not been harmed just so we can get yarn.

I am very aware of the use of our drinking water resources. I've made a sport of using the same water over and over again, refining the process so much that I now go many weeks between changing the water in a pot.

I dye exclusively with professional dyes and I mix all the colors you see in my yarn myself. The colors are the so-called aciddyes, where a little white vinegar is added to the water to bind the color to the yarn. These are colors that are ecotex tested and it is ensured that they are both gentle for us humans when we wear our knitwear directly on the body, but also gentle and do not burden our wastewater and vulnerable ecosystems with unnecessary chemicals if any of it should end up in the sewer. The colors last even in use and light and allow you to use your knitwear for years to come if you take good care of it.

If you think that yarn from Fru Krogh looks a little different from many other hand-dyed yarns, you're probably right. I have decided to present my yarn so that you as a customer can best imagine the finished result. That's why I wind all my fats after dyeing. So with me, you won't find cloves that are divided into 3 beautiful colors. With me, you'll find cloves that have the mottling that will occur when you get it on your needles.

I hope that my yarn will bring you joy, both while you have it on your needles and when you wear it knitted up, and I hope that you find it as beautiful and delicious as I have worked hard to make it.

If you find that something doesn't live up to your expectations, I hope you will contact me immediately, because I only want to have satisfied customers.

Many knitting greetings
Merete Verner Krogh