Seeknit - M2 interchangeable wire

40,00 kr.

Seeknit nylon wires are designed for practical use in combination with Seeknit knitting needle tips. Together, the different circular needles provide ultimate flexibility.

They are easy to install - without tools! Simply screw needle tips of the desired size onto a wire with the corresponding screw size.

All Seeknit wires have a rotating joint where the wire itself rotates inside the metal coupling. This effectively prevents both kinks and twists in the wire. The wires are available in lengths from 13-125 cm and in screw sizes M1.8, M2 and M4.

I carry all sizes, so pay attention to the screw size when adding wires to your cart.



More information

Seeknit's interchangeable circular knitting needle series allows you to easily combine tips, wires, end stops and other accessories to create the perfect circular needle set for your next knitting project!

Depending on the size of the needle tip, there will be corresponding screw sizes. Make sure your wires have the same screw size as your needle tips. In case you have a wire with a different screw size than your needle tips, you can easily connect them using one of Seeknit's interchangeable joint converters.

Note: Your wire should be at least as long as both your needle tips combined. By putting a needle stopper at one end of a cable, you can also create flexible single-pointed knitting needles.