M1.8 - Shirotake stick tips 5 cm + 12.5 cm

60,00 kr. - 65,00 kr.

Seeknit delivers the best quality needles using carefully selected bamboo from Japan. This bamboo is specially hardened and elastic, ensuring strong and durable needles. Furthermore, bamboo is a natural material with a lower environmental impact than other materials.
The polished surface is soft to the touch and allows the yarn to glide easily over the needle. The needle size is laser engraved in the needle, making it easy to read the size even after long use.
The needle tips can be easily connected to Seeknit nylon cables and the independently rotating swivel cord ensures that the cable does not twist.
These interchangeable round knitting needle tips from Seeknit are available in 2 lengths 5 + 12.5 cm and have screw size M1.8.



More information

General information applicable to all Shirotake and Koshitsu needles and needle sets

Both Shirotake and Koshitsu needles are made from bamboo, but the finish is different.

The surface of the Shirotake series has a smooth finish with natural plant wax, giving the needles a beautiful shine. In addition, they feel great to the touch.

The needles in the Koshitsu series are treated with high pressure and heat. The surface is then smoothed with natural plant wax. This special treatment ensures that the needles are extra strong and durable and protects them from harmful external influences. It also prevents the wood from warping. The result is a comfortable and smooth knitting experience with needles that feel pleasantly warm to the touch.

Combine cable connectors, adapters, needle stoppers and other parts to create the perfect tool for your project.

Parts with the same screw size (M1.8, M2 or M4) can be mounted directly on each other. Do you have 2 different screw sizes? Then they can still be combined using an adapter.

Note: Your cable should be at least as long as both your needle tips combined. By putting a needle stopper at one end of a cable, you can also create flexible single-pointed knitting needles.