DAGNY project bags

400,00 kr.

DAGNY is an independent clothing brand but at the same time the name of a small universe of cutting-edge fashionable finds from around the world at very reasonable prices.


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beautiful beautiful project bags

All sewn in beautiful fabrics that draw attention to themselves and brighten up your car, sofa or wherever you want to take your creative project.

The project bags are approximately 27 cm high and 36 cm wide. They have a block bottom measuring 24*11 cm. so they have a nice spaciousness.

The inside is natural colored. There are open, indispensable pockets inside the sides for measuring tape, circular pins and all the other small items you can't do without on the go.

The quality is 100% synthetic but the composition is different for each pillow.

The project bags can be washed inside out on a delicate wash program at 30 degrees