BADA soaps

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A soap from BADA is more than just soap. It is a product of dedicated craftsmanship, quality and sustainability - values that BADA holds dear. These values are reflected in every bar of soap, created with heart and hand from BADA.


BADA soaps are made by a process called "cold saponification", a technique that has been used for thousands of years. This method ensures that the soap is soft, creamy and gentle on the skin as some unsaponified oil remains in the soap. This makes the soaps ideal for treating eczema and sensitive skin. AsthmaAllergy Denmark recommends solid hand soaps without preservatives for these purposes.

Production site

All soaps are produced at a micro soap factory in Roskilde on Zealand

The soaps are approved according to EU cosmetics regulations.




More information


BADA soaps are made from 100% organic and natural ingredients, completely free from preservatives and endocrine disruptors.

These vegetable, handmade and organic soaps exude the scent of natural herbs and oils and are all certified organic.


The primary ingredients of BADA soaps are Danish organic cold-pressed rapeseed oil from Grønninggaard on Stevns. The rapeseed oil has a naturally high content of vitamin E, which softens and protects the skin. The beautiful golden color also comes from this rapeseed oil.

The soaps also contain organic coconut oil - Ecocert certified, grown and harvested sustainably on small family farms in the Philippines. The coconut oil is antibacterial, highly moisturizing and gives the soap a creamy and dense lather. The fragrance comes exclusively from organic essential oils and dried flowers and herbs.

The soaps are packaged in plastic-free, sustainable packaging to reduce our environmental impact.

The soap boxes are made from 100% unbleached recycled fiber and produced in Denmark. The packaging paper is eco-labeled and the colors are food approved. If you want to reduce packaging consumption even further, it is also possible to opt out of the soap box.

The box for the soap blocks is FSC-certified